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Our students are our biggest assets and our association with each one of them has enabled us to expand the horizon of CMS community. Every student arrives with a set of unique perspectives and adds value to the vibrant community in a distinctive way. Hear from our alumni who share their stories and experiences during their stay in CMS.

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"In my previous college where I studied management, we had a tough time trying to accommodate ourselves in the library for referential reading and in the seminar hall for seminars and workshops. I always believed this was the case in every other college. But I was in for a surprise. Here, we not only enjoy a spacious seminar hall, but we also have a dedicated media computer lab and library "


Assistant Manager - Communication, Samsung India

MS (Journalism & Mass Communication) - Batch 2009-11

best college

“From the capers of the Watergate scandal to designing our own department newsletters, this MS (Journalism & Mass Communication) program is holistic enough to accommodate students from non-journalism backgrounds like myself. As an aspiring journalist, the print specialization here gave me an insight into various fundamental aspects of reporting, editing and also the aesthetics of page design. The faculty members are very approachable and students can get into spontaneous debates with them on contemporary topics, which are a true enterprise of a journalism department!”

Bharath Joshi

Senior Correspondent - The Economic Times

MS (Journalism & Mass Communication) - Batch 2009-11


“I was always passionate about design but was unsure of whether I wanted to take up Media Studies as my course. After visiting a couple of media colleges, I walked into the campus of Center for Management Studies and felt that it was the right place for my studies. BMS course at CMS has a very different curriculum compared to other mass communication courses. Today, I am a Graphic and Web Designer and feel proud for having made the right decision back then. I have a lot to explore and I believe I will.”

Aanchal Salecha

BMS - Batch 2012 -2015

best university

"What started off as a hobby 15 years ago is now my passion, lifestyle and profession. Music has shaped me in every way possible to be the person that I am today. Doing the Media Course at CMS has opened me up to a lot of possibilities and capabilities that I didn't know existed within me. The guidance and support given here has encouraged me to push myself further and work as per industry standards even before I graduate."

Sriram Ravishankar


MS (Mass Communication)

best college

“A year ago I knew nothing about media; I lacked the necessary skills and potential that a Journalist/Media person must have to survive in the crucial world! Writing a simple template article took me a matter of 4-5hours or maybe more. But today, I stand here with a background of being the Editor-in-Chief for an e-magazine called “University Issue” that was founded by me. I have released 6 successful editions and a total by-line of 120 articles as of now and have a website called with a viewership of 600-1000 per day. Lastly, I authored a book called “Our Purpose: You don’t need a mask to know who you truly are”, which is set to be self-published by next year. Now, all these were possible because CMS provided me a platform of raw knowledge and mentors / faculties that were always ready to guide me in my journey making it possible to envision my ideas. Rather the course defines the ability the student possesses! “Media is my view finder and one day it will eventually guide me in my path to comprehension.”

Karthik Prasad

Editor-at-large and CEO, University issue