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Media Laboratory

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Media Laboratory

We provide comprehensive computer-based services in the IT Center with high speed internet access including Wi-Fi connectivity. The classrooms and laboratories also consist of computers, with a wide range of specialist applications to support study programs.

Radio Station

Radio Active 90.4 FM is an established CSR unit of Jain University at CMS. The station works round the clock, addressing the social concerns and topical issues. It serves as the voice of those marginalized by society and is associated with major NGOs. The Station also serves as training for the media students at CMS.

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The media studio at CMS is a space for training, production and screening of students’ creations. It also acts as a mini theatre where movies are screened regularly as part of filmmaking and analyzing training. The studio is equipped with contemporary equipment - both audio and video. The editing suite is state-of-the-art and all electronic interfaces are industry specific. The studio is air-conditioned and virtually sound proof. Most of all, the studio becomes a catalyst for creative practices and productions.

Music Room

Equipped with a wide array of instruments, the band team of CMS convincingly finds a place in everyone’s heart. The music room gives an opportunity to all the musicians who need to sneak in a little practice. The musical instruments are regularly tuned in order to stay updated with the trend.

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Community Halls

Music and Dance are an intrinsic part of the cultural life at CMS. With music groups and young talented choreographers, cultural initiatives enliven the spirit of CMS community. Professional Choreographers spend their time to gradually build talents on campus. Dedicated space for practicing cultural activities like dance and music make cultural experience even more enriching.