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Master of Arts – Economics

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Economics is a social science that is concerned with weighing choices and analyzes the behavior of different elements in economy. The growth and power of the economies of the world could be facilitated by the ideas and innovative approaches of the economists. Hence economists have the privilege in their hands in shaping the future of the world.

With the growing demands and dynamic economic developments the need of efficient economists have also become crucial.It is in this context that Jain University came forward to establish PG department of Economics in 2009 to introduce students to the key aspects of modern economic system. The primary objective of the program is to promote excellence in the study of economics through quality research and academic practices.

Program Code


Course Code


Program Curriculum

Semester I

  • Micro Economics Theory and Applications - I
  • Macro Economics Theory and Applications - I
  • Public Economics and Finance
  • Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis


  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Principles of Marketing

Semester II

  • Micro Economics Theory and Applications - II
  • Macro Economics Theory and Applications – II
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Statistical Methods for Economic Analysis


  • Economics of Insurance
  • Economics of Financial Services

Semester III

  • International Economics
  • Economics of Growth and Development
  • Indian Economic Policy
  • Computer Application and Management Science


  • Human Resource Management
  • Demography

Semester IV

  • International Finance
  • Research Methodology and Data Analysis
  • Banking Operations
  • Dissertation


  • Economics and Law
  • Econometrics Methods and Applications

Career opportunities

The demand for economists continues to grow worldwide. This demand exists across a host of institutions ranging from the public sector (like universities, central banks, international organisations) to the private sector (commercial banks and insurance providers).

With the range of applied economics skills provided in the MA Economics students are perfectly placed to seek a career in business and place themselves ahead of competition.