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Funded Research Projects

  • Major Research project on ‘Tribal Education and Technology Adoption in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu - An Empirical Study on Community Development’.
  • Major Research Project on ‘Employees Work Environment and Fairness Perceptions' effect on Work Engagement and Turnover Intentions in Services Sector, Centre for Research’ - Projects, Christ Deemed to be University.
  • Research Project on ‘Visitor's intention to cultural Heritage site’ - Indian Council for Social Science and Research (ICSSR), Ministry of HRD, New Delhi, India, Jan 2014 .
  • Research Project on ‘The Relevance of accounting ethics Basket Options Pvt. Ltd.’ by Dr. Supriya Rai.
  • Research Project on ‘Branding Effect on Decision Making of Consumer Purchase’ - Innate Signs Pvt. Ltd. by
    Dr. Dinesh Nilkant.
  • Research project on ‘Retail Banking – GAP Analysis of Services’ - Basket Options Pvt. Ltd. by Dr. Umakanth S.