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Entrepreneurship at CMS

Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship (CRCE)

The CRCE (Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship) serves as the hub to foster entrepreneurial thinking. It helps you to discover your individual passion, shape ideas, gain practical experience and build networks and mentor relationships.

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Finding Your Passion

Whether you are driven by a compelling business idea, a pressing social need or a desire to foster innovation – discovering your unique passion is a critical first step on the path to successful entrepreneurship. The CRCE will allow you the opportunity to explore many kinds of ventures and types of entrepreneurship ---- and help you to decide which one is right for you.

Building Knowledge

The CRCE encompasses a set of four courses that combine theoretical and experiential learning including workshops, where students get the opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial expert on a high-level consulting project.

Entrepreneurship Feasibility Assessment

In this team-based course, you will get the scope to assess yourself and your interests. In addition to that you will also learn to gauge opportunities in terms of market potential. The assessment process will also help you to examine the strategic, operational, financial, and market viability of a business idea.

Business Plans and Proposals

A well-honed business plan will not only help you to build foundation for your venture but will also act as a critical asset for attracting seed capital, partners and advisors. This course will help you to give shape to your own venture idea using financial forecasting and in-depth market research. It will help you to discover the multiple ways of legally establishing a not-for-profit business or social venture. Moreover, you will also get to learn the costs and benefits of various financing systems.

Entrepreneurship Workshop

The workshop provides you an immersive learning experience and hands-on practices in which you will get the scope to partner with a successful entrepreneur to complete a professional consulting assignment. It is a part of “entrepreneurship-in action” opportunity, allowing you to complete a project of strategic importance while you gather experience and build networks to support your own objectives. With special approval from the faculty, you can use this course to launch your own venture.

Managing the High Growth Firm

Launching a business is exciting, but growing (and staying in) business is the true mark of a successful entrepreneur. In the third course, you will discover the crucial resources required during each stage of a new venture: funding a start-up, building market awareness and growing relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. You also will learn about “company killers” and how to safeguard against common pitfalls.

Fostering Networks and Mentoring Relationships

At CRCE we understand that developing entrepreneurial readiness is facilitated by exposure to role models and coaches who have triumphed. At each level of this innovative program, we will provide you with valuable opportunities to make connections, build networks and develop mentoring relationships. In the classroom, you will be surrounded by other talented students with diverse perspectives and ideas. You will also have continuous access to the complete CRCE community.

Our Incubated Companies

  • JCH Group - Hospitality
  • Intouch Analytics -Technology
  • Damask - Low Cost Footwear
  • Chrysallis India Pvt. Ltd. - Education
  • Basket Options - Financial Services
  • Smart earth Pvt. Ltd. - Real Estate
  • Samaveesh - Consumer Real Estate
  • 1947 Restaurant - Food & Beverage
  • ICS Technologies - Technology
  • Global Inc -Technology
  • Radio Active - Community Service
  • Blue Man Support services - Housekeeping
  • Arka Eduserve Pvt.Ltd. - Education
  • House of Music - Media & Entertainment
  • Claims Express - Financial Services
  • Jain Housing - Real estate
  • Red Lounge - Financial Services
  • Passion Connect - Education
  • 52 Week High - IT & Research
  • Loan Basket-Financial services
  • Real world - Real estate
  • Bull Street - Financial Services
  • Institute is Digital Market - Education
  • Anveshana - Technology
  • 100 ML Design Studio - Technology
  • Munchiez - Food & Beverages
  • CMS Brand Studio - Media & Entertainment
  • Nutri Paradise - Food & Beverages
  • Stock Market Institute - Education
  • Mad box Innovations - Technology
  • Institute of Technical Excellence - Education
  • Envisage - Education
  • Edu Turks - Education
  • Rock solid Studio - Health & Fitness
  • My Health Check up - Healthcare
  • ABCD -Textile
  • Luckymaskot - Gift Design
  • Money Bag Ventures - Financial Services
  • G Seas - Education
  • Alchemy - Textile
  • Crazy Code Technologies - Technology
  • Book-keeper - Financial Services