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Books Published by the Faculty

Sl.No Name of Faculty Member Name of the Book ISBN No. Name of the Publisher Year of Publication
1 Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar Entrepreneurial Start Up 978-93-8663-173-2 Sapna Book House Private Limited 2018
2 Dr. Raghu G Anand Advanced Financial Management 978-93-5097-949-5 2018
3 Prof. Roopa Traisa Business Management’ with P. Subba Rao, 978-93-5202-783-5 Himalaya Publication House, Bengaluru 2018
4 Prof. Anila Bajpai ‘Business Economics’ with Prof. Mithani 978-93-5024-457-9 Himalaya Publication House, Bengaluru 2018
5 Prof. Sangeetha Nikkam ‘International Financial Management’ with Dr. C. Sivashanmugam, 978-93-5163-875-9, MBA program, Bangalore University. 2018
6 Dr. Uma Warrier Understanding and Managing People 978-93-5273-653-9 Himalaya Publication House, Bengaluru 2018
7 Dr. Shiva Chaudhary Indian Theatre: A Transition from Classical to Decolonizing Phase 978-93-81715-16-1 Publishers Grid 2019
8 Prof. Kiran Maney and Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar Game of Cases: Case Analysis and Methodology 978-1690939047 Independently published 2019
9 Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar Kingdom of Marketing 978-1697985818 Amazon Publication 2019
10 Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar Journey with Journalism 978-16999985816 Amazon Publication 2019
11 Dr. Charles Godwin Linguistic Intelligence Through Drama: Pedagogy of Girish Karnad's Selected Plays 978-81-944466-7-5 WP 2020
12 Dr. Varsha Agarwal Personalizing Online Shopping 978-8194515319 Eureka Publications 2020
13 Prof. Lakshman Banking Operations & Innovations 978-93-86442-78-9 Skyward Publishers 2020
14 Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar Principles of Management 979-8633033236 Amazon Publication 2020
15 Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar
Prof. Likitha Prasad
Prof. Shalya Accamma
Prof. Sunil Hegde
360 degrees of Journalism 978-1659624755 Amazon Publication 2020
16 Dr. Konda. Hari Prasad Reddy Production and Operations Management (with Dr. L. Suresh Kumar) 978-1647837501 Norton Publication 2020