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CMS takes pride in sustaining a holistic learning environment where students are not only encouraged to curve their academic niche but also to shape their aspirations that lie beyond the educational arena. There is a host of opportunities that lay forward for every CMS student as they begin their journey with the institute and an array of extra-curricular events are weaved prudently with the academic activities to provide a comprehensive experience.

Annual Events

The desire to be different has always set CMS apart. It is a place which not only embraces cultural and entertainment; it has creativity running through its veins. A place that doesn't just love sport, it lives sport. This is a place that knows how to have a great time as well as learn from it and can guarantee its students just that.

Induction & Orientation

A full induction program is arranged for new students to help them settle in at CMS. The range of activities include welcome talks by chairman, principal, senior CMS staff and the opportunity to meet your seniors.

Alumni Meet

To facilitate the distant yet warm cords of bonding between students who have graduated and moved on from the portals of CMS, an alumni club has been constituted. It convenes once a year at Bangalore and is a vital link between students, their companions and the institution.

The CMS Cup

Jain University - CMS has a tradition of excellence in sports. We have produced several state, national and international level sportsmen. The CMS Cup is conducted annually in order to foster a sportive spirit in students.

College Football League (CFL)

JU-CMS has presented to Bangalore a very special event focusing on sporting excellence – College Football League (CFL), an All India Inter Collegiate football tournament to all football enthusiasts. The tournament is aimed at bringing out the best football talents in Bangalore and also to inculcate a rich football culture. CFL 2012-13 featured 20 competing football from top colleges of the country battling it out to a grand finale culminating in two of the best contenders vying for the cup.

Freshers’ Day

Each semester, first year BBA students kick-start their extra-curricular activities with ‘Freshers’ Day - a vibrant presentation of talent and spirit in management related and cultural performances. It is also a stress free ice - breaker for new comers and helps them form cultural links and sensible bonding on a multi-cultural campus.

Graduation Day

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Graduation Day will celebrate success at the end of six grueling semesters of intense study and acquisition of skills. It will be a time to reflect on achievements, strengthen friendships, graciously acknowledge your alma mater and let young graduates - to - be... Let their hair down!

Achievers Day

The Achievers day celebrates the potential and achievements of students at CMS, in every sphere of interest. Every achiever is awarded a certificate of recognition, for academic and extracurricular activities. In short, the Achievers Day is a celebration of life’s meaningful moments.

College Premier League (CPL)

The College Premier League (CPL) is a tournament of the international 20-20 format which promises extreme challenge, excitement and enjoyment to all sports lovers. The tournament receives wide media coverage and a very strong footfall from sports professionals and aficionados. CPL is a signature sporting event that brings together bright and young talent in cricket across the colleges of the world year on year.

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Workshops & Seminars

Jain University - CMS runs workshops and seminar series throughout the year to enable students to locate disciplines within their broader business, economics, political and social contexts. It provides an exciting and extensive range of study options. The seminar series help in covering a wide range of topics like TQM, Creativity, Business Communication, Personality Development, Corporate Etiquette, Business Scan, Business Council & Corporate Speaker Series etc.

National Seminars

The INVESTOR SUMMIT with stalwarts of the Indian Stock Market, in interaction with Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Anand Rathi, Mr. Bimal Mehta, Mr. S.P. Tulsian and Mr. Ketan Karnani, was conducted.

International Seminars

A series of seminars were conducted at Jain University - CMS by the following management gurus:

  • A Strategy summit with Prof. Jack Trout; author, orator and the world's foremost authority on marketing strategy.
  • The leadership summit with Dr. Kevin Freiberg; author of the acclaimed 'NUTS' - the secret of the Southwest Airlines’ business
    and personal success
  • Prof. John Philip Jones - The ultimate global guru of advertising and branding

Defining Benchmarks - CMS Festival

The CMS Festival is a combination of management, cultural and media festivals at national level organized by JU- CMS. These explore different facets of a human being that complement one another; the professional, the aesthetic and personal excellence.


Threshold is a fest designed and conducted exclusively for first year management students taking into consideration their level of experience Threshold and competence. It is envisioned as a platform to take students from the novice level to that of exceptional initiative.


In a media world characterized by intense convergence, skills, adaptability and acumen are the keys to success. Addressing all three, Melange is conceived and executed every year as a media fest that teaches, informs and debates social, economic and media issues, through activities, competitions and workshops. Participants are students from across Bangalore and the rest of India. Much more than a fest, Melange is a challenging and rewarding learning experience for organizers and participants alike.


LASYA – a colorful beginning of a cultural awakening is the first intercollegiate National level cultural event with a blend of intellect, grace and creative flair organized by CMS. The cultural fest of CMS is guaranteed to deliver an exhilarating experience for all participants. Only in its second year, the fest is ambitious and poised to become one of the largest fests in India, in terms of events and competition.

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"Abhinaya" an Annual Theatre Festival showcases national thespian talent as an All India Amateur Theatre Festival. It aims to achieve integration in diversity across the nation and language. Featuring plays in Hindi, English and Kannada, Abhinaya is now poised to be the prime performance of the Academy of Theatre Arts at CMS. Abhinaya will help young Indians revitalize their Indian identity develop new Abhinaya perspectives and mould character through discipline and passionate vision.

Precipice - An International Management Fest

Precipice is the inter collegiate meet at Jain University - CMS that puts decision making, organizational and entrepreneurial skills to the test, besides being a celebration of student life as a whole. This fest provides students with the opportunity to assess their proficiency at planning, organization, execution and competition.

Precipice - 02 saw the brightest minds battle at The Leela Palace. Precipice - 03 was on board the ship MV Swaraj Deep which sailed from Chennai to Port Blair & Precipice - 04 was on the Emerald Island in Sri Lanka. Precipice - 05 saw them battle with international visitors from Dubai, Bangladesh & Pakistan. Precipice - 06 witnessed corporates battling against colleges to reach the precipice. Precipice - 07 was a 9 day extravaganza where in both the MBA & BBM colleges were tested on travel & tourism. This spectacular event was held in the tourist hub of India, Udaipur & Rajasthan. Precipice 08 - 09 was set in the pristine ambience of Sahara Aamby Valley, Pune with India’s finest colleges competing to be the best. Precipice 09- 10, an International Management fest was conducted at Malaysia - Lankawi Islands. Another feather in our cap was the Precipice 10 - 11, an International Management fest that was conducted at the Venetian, Macau. Precipice 2011-12 was held at Milan (Italy) and Switzerland. Precipice 2012-13 was at London and Paris. For the year 2013-14 the prestigious fest venue was USA. For the year 2014-15 the fest held at Behamas, Miami and Orlando islands in the USA. In 2015-16 the fest was held at Rome, Vatican, and Monaco. This year, the grand international management will be held at The United States of America and Mexico.

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Frisson is an inter-collegiate economic fest organized by the Post Graduate Department of Economics, CMS. PG Department of Economics has a mission to sculpt future economists and intellectuals. A family with warmth, commitment, high efficiency and keen standards of perfection, sensitive to the requirements of both English and Kannada speaking students. An extra ordinary performance by students with top ranks in the university examination has made the department proud. The department embraces the vision and ideals of Jain University and endeavors to set ever higher standards.

Precipice 2017