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Student Life

Center for Management Studies (CMS) welcome young individuals with diverse objectives and aspirations to form a community that finds its distinctiveness in diversity. The wide variety of social, cultural and religious activities held on campus promote a sense of inclusiveness among students and enriches their perspectives towards life. It offers students a unique opportunity to meet peers, make new friends, find new territories and above all be a part of the CMS family that is committed to make society a better living place. CMS provides ample opportunities to nurture current interests and awareness among students through special initiatives and value-added programs. The institute believes that the course of the study should not only be limited to mere bookish knowledge but should also include real-world experiences that are key to the success of a business leader.

Student Welfare Services

Vishwas - The Counseling Center

The Counselling Center was started keeping in mind the problems faced by the students in the tough competitive world. The Center tries to solve issues related to learning problems and disabilities, relationship issues, emotional abuse, emotional awareness, personality development and cultural diversity. The Counsellor suggests ways to cope or overcome the problems with relevant counselling and guidance. Confidentiality is maintained for the services and information. It is an altruistic effort on the part of the center and the services are not charged.

Human Networking Academy

A team of high profile, creative, imaginative faculty of Human Networking Academy, Jain University conducts a unique, innovative and experiential course which addresses the need to equip CMS students with requisite knowledge and skills to strengthen their mind. The motive behind conducting this course to the students of CMS, Jain University is to create an individual who is intellectually alert, morally upright and physically strong.

Awareness about our national history, culture and social responsibilities and human values is created through interactive sessions, short, silent, educational and theme based films and documentaries and outbound learning programs.It conducts two programs, Vishva Chaitanya and Vishva Chaarana aimed at building character, fortitude and virtue through the influence of Indian spirituality and nature.

Financial Aid

The University provides financial aid to the needy and eligible students. Merit scholarships for the meritorious students are provided every academic year. Fee concession is provided for economically weaker students and students belonging to disadvantaged groups. A special test for merit scholarship is conducted for the management students and scholarships are awarded. The eligibility for taking the test is 80% in the qualifying exam. Merit scholarships are given to students as an incentive for improving their performance. Sports scholarships are given to outstanding sports persons in the form of fees concessions, cash incentives, sponsorships to tournaments, etc.

Sachetana - The Women’s Cell

There is a separate Women’s Cell comprising of senior faculty members and two student representatives for creating awareness to empower Women in all fields. The cell is actively involved in empowering women (both faculty members and students). Women students are encouraged to take part in activities related to women issues which will develop awareness about women's rights, gender sensitivity, information and empowerment. In addition, the Women's Day is also celebrated on 8th March every year. Meetings are regularly conducted to discuss various issues like women empowerment, work life balance, developing professional competence and motivating women to become career oriented.

Anti-Ragging Cell

Any disorderly conduct in any manner, whether it is by verbal/written communication or by any act which has the effect of teasing, handling with rudeness to any student, falls under ragging. The Anti Ragging Cell of the University will take strict actions against the students who are indulging in undisciplined activities which causes or likely to cause annoyance, hardships or psychological or physical harm or to raise fear thereof in a junior or fresher student.


The activities organized by students are a vital part of campus life. Besides sharing common interests and having fun, the clubs offer opportunities to demonstrate leadership qualities and people management abilities.

There are 5 active clubs in CMS

The Drama Club

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The theatre club aims to revitalize interest in theatre as a medium of expression and its membership is not restricted to the environs of CMS. It blends aesthetics with rigour and discipline and explores all facets of theatre from acting to production to design.


Yuva Ignited Minds is a social initiative started by a group of 12 students pursuing BBM at CMS in 2008. Today, it is an armada of over 200 registered members. Education, Health and Society are the core areas under which social activities are conducted.

Creative Inc.

Is the talent quotient of Jain University - CMS gifted, talented and maverick, they all find a place at creative inc. Aesthetics, technology and pure art all blend into creative expression in a student team intensively focused on creative expression.

Film Clubs

"Oscar" & "Bioscope" are designed to foster a love of cinema as a powerful tool and research. Oscar looks at films by famous directors and Bioscope at main stream cinema. They blend enjoyment with a rigourous study of cinema. The club welcomes participants across cultures and languages.

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Student Activities

An array of diverse activities are arranged round the year for CMS students that enrich their lives and promote bonding among student communities. From cultural fests to contemporary causes, students are encouraged to participate in all activities, voice their ideologies and gain fresh perspectives.


Jain University - Center for Management Studies has taken academic and literary initiative in the form of "ERGO" an annual magazine. It is a canvas for students to express their literary talent.

CMS-Model United Nations (MUN)

CMS Model United Nations 2015 is a conference of the highest standards, with the quality of debate matching up to the level of various well known conferences in the country. CMS–MUN conference, which is conducted in association with Indian International MUN and is sponsored by ANA group of companies and Shaista Apparels. The CMS-MUN brings together participants from various schools and colleges all across the country to recreate three committees of the UN, namely, The UN Security Council, The UN Human Rights Committee and finally a Futuristic Security Council based in the year 2024. The conference had 90 registrations this year.

Book Review

Students at CMS are encouraged to read, analyse and present response to a wide variety of books on management, self help, fiction and non-fiction. This hones their analytical skills while encouraging the habit of reading. Ideas and sensations experienced while reading are shared in class through formal presentation.

Management Exhibition

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A powerful corollary to classroom academic study, Management exhibitions showcases student knowledge, skill and perception. These are organised and conducted as student initiatives, guided by academic staff.