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best college in south india

Parents Corner

Note to Parents

Attendance is mandatory. 75% in every subject is the norm at JU-CMS.

Parents are seriously encouraged to follow the progress of their wards at JU-CMS. Regular parent - teacher meetings / interaction is both desirable and necessary to ensure a successful academic career for your ward.

JU-CMS follows a strict dress code. Students are expected to be dressed decently.

  • Boys have to come dressed in shirt, Jeans (no torn jeans) Trousers and shoes.
  • Girls can be dressed in loose Indian or western attire.
  • (No sleeveless / transparent dresses allowed). Formal attire is a must on occasions.

Keep a check on your ward and his / her progress. Remain in touch with teachers and follow-up on attendance regularly. Kindly keep a check on messages you receive from CMS.

Please update your number constantly.

International parents of students have to check on emails regularly.