A Workshop on "Explore English Grammar and Write the Best"

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A Workshop on "Explore English Grammar and Write the Best"

11 Dec 2019

A Workshop on Explore English Grammar and Write the Best

CMS, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized a workshop on “Explore English Grammar and Write the Best” on 7 December 2019. The trainer of the event was Mr. Balaji Ramaswamy Natarajan, Cambridge CELTA certified trainer. The main objective of the event was to emphasize on improving the student's overall written grip on language and enhancing the ability to construct better words and longer sentences. Correct Grammar is the basis of mastering a language well. When students have a strong grip on the Grammar rules, they can write effectively and with ease, learning to experiment with new words.

The session started with a discussion on the elements of grammar and vocabulary that play a vital role in creating an impact. Students explored metaphors through Salman Rushdie's declaration of independence for writers. Students worked in groups and listed 3 nouns in 30 seconds, after which they wrote ten adjectives for each of the nouns. The students were quick in completing the task.

The trainer explained the aspect of collocation at this stage and facilitated a discussion on similes and tenses. Students actively shared their points. Before the writing task, the students had to come up with 20 sentences using the 30 words the trainer provided in the word pool. The students were asked to come up with 20 sentences, including at least one assertive, one interrogative, one imperative and one exclamatory sentence. One of the students, Pooja explained the significance of proper opening, body, and conclusion for a speech/article. The trainer added a few points to her explanation.

Soon after that, the students started working individually on the writing task. They had to write about the happiest moment of their life and include as many language elements discussed as possible. The students exchanged their write up with their fellow team members and took suggestions from fellow students. Students actively participated in the session and the session was interactive because they were enthusiastic.