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Student Symposium on Polity, Research, and Upscaling Students’ Effectiveness

24 Nov 2020

Student Symposium on Polity, Research, and Upscaling Students’ Effectiveness

Vidhyanidhi – Student Research & Development Cell, a part of Research & Consultancy Cell of Center of Management Studies, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized the first event of its kind, the ‘Student Symposium’ on October 21, 2020.

The symposium was conducted by categorizing into five sessions-
The first speaker of the session was Prof Sunitha B.K., Head of the Department, who conferred her views on the topic “Indian Economy in Unparalleled Times: The Road Ahead” and apprised the audience of the current economic condition of the country affected by COVID-19. She also discussed how the government needs to act fast and boldly with coherent economic recovery strategies.

The speaker for the second session was Dr. Varsha Agarwal, Assistant Professor & Research Cell Coordinator. She conveyed her views on the topic “The Invincible Power of Goal Setting” and motivated students to contemplate how setting goals can help individuals to move forward and achieve what they truly want in life.

Dr. Umakanth S was the speaker for the third session, an Associate Professor & Head of the Department. He delivered his talk on the topic “Fundamentals of Research and Finance” and he explained how an understanding of the research process is necessary to effectively conduct research and referred to the examples from the domain of Finance.

The speaker for the fourth session was Dr. Shiva Chaudhary, Assistant Professor & Research Guide. He spoke on the topic “Rudiments of Research Writing”. He enlightened the the participants on how to follow the process of research by identifying the problem, reviewing the literature, setting research questions, objectives, and hypotheses. He also spoke on choosing the right study design, deciding on the sample design, collecting data, processing and analyzing data and finally formulating research content.

For the fifth and the final session the speaker was Prof. Abhishek Venkteshwar, Assistant Professor & Course Facilitator He concluded the event with his views on the topic “The Super Power of Multitasking in your College Life”. He emphasized the point on how students can do multi-tasking and excel in academics too.

Overall the event was a great learning experience for the students it catered to their academic needs by elaborating on a broad spectrum of topics ranging from research, economic plans to goal setting, etc. The students expressed their zealous anticipation for many more such programs in the future.