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    Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA (Honors)

    Bachelor of Business Administration in Bangalore

    Bachelor of Business Administration- BBA (Honors)

    Whilst many BBA programs cater to impart business knowledge, a program with high academic rigor and project-centric learning throughout a scholar’s University years is much required. Learners who aim for thorough academic excellence coupled with practical know-how from day one would prefer a BBA (Honors) program.

    The specialty of the Honors course and the BBA Hons Subjects is that it offers a variety of specialization domains instead of an overview of all domains. The students can opt to get into a particular domain under the management spectrum and will be trained in both theoretical knowledge on the subject and in the practical application of the subject. 

    BBA (Hons) is a 3-year degree that imparts management skills and knowledge in aspirants. The course aims at developing the basic business development knowledge and skill base that is requisite for a bachelor’s level students by utilizing various subjects of study and their related practical applicability.

    • The curriculum is designed to impart industry-specific knowledge as well as academic soundness to the students. 
    • The course focuses on building young business experts and administrators who can meet industrial/job market needs with the sound application of their knowledge base.
    • The course is divided into several specializations. These specializations pertain to different aspects of business like marketing, finance, human resource, and entrepreneurship.
    • By pursuing the course, students gain an in-depth insight into how a business grows in its initial stage. 
    • The course curriculum is divided into 6semesters.
    • Students will have to pursue 3months of project-centric Learning all semester.
    • Internship opportunities from semester one onwards.

    In India, not many academic institutions impart the BBA Honors program. However, there is a need to create a rigorous learning environment both knowledge and skill-based for ambitious minds. Those who want to be corporate ready not just in India but globally. The students who desire to be in the top 1 % of the placement opportunity.

    Program Code

    006 D


    3 Years, 6 Semesters


    90% in the 12th standard final examinations/PUC from a recognized board

    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    • The program is expected to enable the students to:
    • Demonstrate competency across business disciplines, specifically apply the essential elements of core business principles.
    • To analyze and evaluate problems and to construct solutions in the business environment to build effective decision-making capability.
    • To perform teamwork and leadership skills both in the academic and Project-based learning sessions.
    • Practice through Internships a high level of professionalism necessary to deliver the knowledge, expertise, and skill of students.
    • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of ethics at both the professional and community level.

    Program Outcomes (POs)

    After completing the BBA Honors course the students would be able to: 

    • Identify the different functional aspects of the business world and recognize different opportunities in business. 
    • Acquire the different skills necessary for professional attitudes. 
    • Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business and cross-cultural understanding.
    • Identify the problems and challenges and inculcate the capability to cope with the spontaneous changes. 
    • Analyze the importance of innovation and research, tackle the contemporary needs, and accordingly grab the opportunities. 
    • Develop effective and oral communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology

    Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    • Demonstrate the understanding of business practices in the Corporate World.
    • Recognize the need to adapt business practices to the opportunities and challenges of an evolving global environment.
    • To Identify, analyze, interpret, and apply information to address gaps and business problems in society.
    • Communicate in a business context in a clear, concise, coherent, and professional manner.
    • Demonstrate the understanding and ability to apply theory and research within specific domains of Human resource, Finance, Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

    Career Opportunities / Prospects and Career Path

    • Students gain the business and administration skills needed to work in several enterprises.
    • Students can easily land in the top managerial posts and become their boss, which is a desire for many management professionals.
    • The course offers an opportunity to be placed with Top Corporates with handsome salary.
    • One can go on pursuing higher education in the respective domain.
    • One can even establish one's venture.

    Potential employers (sectors)

    • Banks/ Financial Institutions
    • Marketing Consultants
    • HR Firms
    • Corporate World
    • Start-Ups
    • Small and Medium
    • Research-based firms

    Academic year 2021-22

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