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undergraduate programs

Undergraduate Programs

CMS’s undergraduate programs focus on the integration of practical skills and ideas to pave an ambitious path for the future leaders. It aims to build a strong foundation for all business and media aspirants with best academic offerings and services. Both the programs namely, Bachelor of Business Administration and BA in Journalism and Mass Communication will equip an individual with right skills and knowledge to take the first step in the chosen field.


Three years full-time study

Entry Requirement

Pre-University / SYJC / 12th Standard / CBSE / ISC in any discipline.

Entrance Test

A written test will be conducted to select the candidates. The duration of the test is two hours (100 marks).


Programs are taught via lectures, seminars, practical workshops and collaborative discussions. Web-based technologies are utilized to deliver module and program content, conduct assessment, provide feedback and communicate with students.


Students are assessed through a variety of methods including assignments, group work, presentations and practical projects.

Bachelor of Business Administration

business administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration program in partnership with reputed professional bodies offers 3 years degree qualification that not only enables students to attain a professional edge but also assists management graduates in implementing their skills to the needs of business. The program allows students to obtain specialization in a discipline of their choice from a range of options namely, Finance, Marketing, HRM and Entrepreneurship.

Program Code


Value Added Programs (VAP)

  • Toastmasters
  • CAT Training
  • Enterprise BBA
  • Tri- City Industry Immersion Program – India, China,Germany (Semester basis)

Dual Qualification

  • Practical Finance
  • Practical Marketing
  • Practical HR
  • Family Managed Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management

Career opportunities

The programs provide students resources for academic support and equip them with all prerequisite skills integral to the principles of different establishments.

Academic year 2017-2018

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Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)

bachelor of arts

Media is among the most influential forces in society today. Whether one wants to use media to bring a change in society or aim to transform the way media functions, the Bachelors of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) course will empower an individual with essential ideas and critical skills. By acquiring knowledge about common lexicons and conventional prospects associated with this industry a student will be able to hone his interpersonal skills and enhance scopes for employability. Students will gain experience of both traditional and new media formats in one of the country's best learning environments. This course aims to produce confident, motivated graduates who are able to think distinctively and transform the society.

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Course Code


Value Added Programs (VAP)

Semester I & II

Graphic Design & Photography - 2 hrs practical training by professional trainers per week

Semester III & IV

Certified Program in advertising & PR - Certification by the JU-CMS and an accredited Ad agency

Semester V & VI

Practical training - 5 days in a week in chosen electives

First-class facilities

Center for Management Studies offers modern facilities and services to foster professionals who can contribute significantly to the society. Media is a vast discipline and requires proficient individuals to carry forward the baton of enlightening the society with facts with authority and our dedicated team of experts and specialist stuffs ensure all form of support and guidance to help students attain your objectives. Our established Media Center houses a large television studio and radio broadcast facilities, six air-conditioned TV edit suites and a separate post-production teaching facility.

Career opportunities

Media graduates are sought after by employers across a range of industries owing to their highly-developed skills in the areas of communication, team working and problem solving. This course prepares you for careers in research, production, publishing, public relations and marketing. It is also an ideal grounding for those considering a career in teaching or training.

List of career opportunities for BA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

  • Print ( News reporting )
  • Journalism and mass communication
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Television - Anchoring / TV Production / New production
  • Radio - RJ /Producer/Marketing
  • Content Manager/Developer
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Event Management
  • Technical Writer
  • Web Design and Graphics

Academic year 2017-2018

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